Night In // Katherine & Stefan

Glancing down at her phone the brunette made her way up to the Salvatore door. Stefan was right, she didn’t need an invitation to go anywhere really. Katherine walked up the driveway, smoothing down her black lace dress one last time and scrunching her hair up. Stopping for a second, and scrunching her hair up before clicking her heels more on the sidewalk as she made her way up the stairs to the front door. She had been here many times, so she let her-self in. 

"Stefan!" She called before shutting the door behind her unsure of where he was. This was okay, she liked the Stefan. She strolled down the hallway, letting her heels click softly on the floor, "Stefan?" she called again after a moment without a reply, "where the fuck are you? This house isn’t that big," she said more to herself before stopping and perching her back on the wall.